18 Easy to Follow Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

get and stay motivatedWhat is your goal – getting a job, losing ten pounds or learning new skills? Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter. Motivation makes a great difference between success and failure. Here are some easy to follow ways to get and stay motivated:

1. If you get good ideas, write them down the very moment they cross your mind. Keep a notepad handy. We all get good ideas at some point in our daily life, but only few of us save them and follow through.

2. Gift yourself. Give yourself a reward when you achieve your goal. It is better to break your big goal into sub goals and reward yourself every time when you achieve each step.

3. Don’t sabotage yourself. If you don’t feel motivated, this may be because of an internal conflict. Make sure you really want something that comes with your goals and there are no hidden benefits to failure.

4. Make the task fun to get started with. Like to look at the big picture first or the details? Like to start with what is familiar or prefer novelty? Want to read about it first or jump right in? Organizing the task to fit well with your lifestyle is very important.

5. Inform anybody whom you know about what you are trying to do and ask the person to call in some days to check up on you. This kind of examination can work wonders.

6. Have a strong community around yourself, i.e. people who think positively. The attitude and beliefs of peers are contagious.

7. Have an alternative plan. What will you do if things don’t fall in place? You always need a back up plan, that’s the only way you can relax.

8. Make use of your dreams. Just before you fall asleep, give your goals some thought. Make the goals as vivid, as real and as powerful as you can. Doing this every night makes you to get insights from the dreams and also motivation to achieve.

9. Make a date with your spouse and boy/girl friend. If you achieve something, set a date to a romantic event. If you are able to finish the task, then you have to do something special for him/her.

10. Ask an imaginary person. Think about a person who can easily achieve your goal. Now consider the person is in front of you. Do you think what advice he/she will give?

11. Stay away from those coffee mugs and other novelty items that say the things like “I hate Mondays”, “life is blah” etc. You need to be very careful about the messages you send to your brain. Get the stuff that helps to get and stay motivated.

12. Allow 5 minutes a day to think about what you want to do that day and what you have accomplished. Give yourself a pat on the back where it is due, forgive your mistakes and frame them for tomorrow.

13. If you have children, catch their enthusiasm. Sometimes children are short on skill but are abundant with excitement. This same energetic kid could help you to reach your goals.

14. At the end of the week, add all those working hours that you have spent in eating, working, exercising, taking care of your children, etc. Then calculate how many hours are left to work on reaching your goal. If you find that there is no time to work on reaching the goals, then you need to set some priorities to the tasks.

15. What do you need to make yourself absolutely best? Do you want to listen to the music while you work out? Want to work out at the gym or at your home? You need to ensure that your environment is conductive to get the job done.

16. Learn from the lessons that your life teaches you. You will get the lessons from the mistakes you have made in your life. Everything can be achieved from the experience and your experience includes these lessons. They give you insight so don’t be afraid to try.

17. Stay away from pointing the finger. Instead of thinking about whose fault it is, just think about how to make it better. Think about what you can do right now to get the task done.

18. Giving yourself credit is a great way to achieve your goal. Make a note of the things that you have achieved whether it can be big or small for everyday. Do like this for a week. You will realize you are a very motivated person who does hundreds of little things everyday.



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