10 Effective Extrinsic Motivations To Keep You Going

Motivation is very important. It gives us the drive we need to perform our best. Extrinsic motivations are proven and tested to be effective in keeping us going.

Teachers use them in the classroom to motivate students to study well.

Employers use them to encourage workers to give their best at work. Other people use them as inspiration to continue performing well and reach their dreams.

However, extrinsic motivations must also be effective to ensure excellent results. They should be something you really want or need.

Thinking of these things should give you the power to actually do your tasks right and on time. Here are 10 effective extrinsic motivations you should try:

  1. Eating in a fancy restaurant
  2. Buying a new set of clothes
  3. Buying a piece of jewelry
  4. Traveling to a famous destination
  5. Going on a cruise
  6. Visiting a spa
  7. Having a makeover
  8. Going to a party
  9. Going on a beach vacation
  10. Taking a few days off work

Thinking about these extrinsic motivations is enough to keep you going. They are those which we cannot normally do because of the demand of our work.

You should learn to think about one of these things so you know what awaits you as a reward for all your hard work.



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