Signs and Symptoms of Psychological Abuse in Children

Children are meant to be cherished and loved but there are many people who ill-treat children and are abusive towards them either physically or psychologically. Although the physical wounds may still be visible and people often take action against the offenders, it is very difficult to know if the child if going through any psychological abuse or not.

He can face abuse from his parents, friends, teachers and others and as there are no visible marks, many people do not notice what he is going through until it is too late.

Psychological abuse is equally harmful especially in the case of a child whose mind is still in the process of developing and if he has any traumatic experience at this stage, it just makes things more complicated later on. Here are a few signs that you must notice to find out if a child is psychologically abused or not:


Fear is the most important sign that something may be wrong with the child. A child is supposed to be carefree and vibrant but when he is scared of everything, fearful of expressing his opinion or feels very anxious about doing something wrong, you should be concerned that he may be going through some form of psychological abuse by someone.

Low on confidence

Such children are often seen to be low on confidence because a child abuser often attacks the person’s self-esteem. He makes the child feel that he is good for nothing kid and will not be able to do anything in life. This makes the person lose confidence in himself; and hence he has very low self-esteem.


Children are usually attached to their parents but children who are psychologically abused at home may be very detached from their parents or caregivers and not feel any strong emotions towards them. This may make them detached from the rest of the class or their friends too.

Extreme behavior

Just like some children facing psychological abuse become very shy and withdrawn, there are some who become very rude, violent, unruly, aggressive and rebellious. You will notice extreme behavior in them and the same child can display both extremes of behavior. This can be dangerous later in life and lead to several mental disorders and hence it must be treated as soon as possible.

Inappropriate actions

The child may get comfort from sucking his thumb, rock his body and show behavior inappropriate for his age.


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