Sick Minds think Alike

Some people think that mental illnesses are all the same. If you are diagnosed with a mental illness then not to agonize because just like you everyone else diagnosed is just like you. This is far removed from reality and the truth. What is so ironic is the same people that are saying this (is often ill them self) will often say something to the affect when a murder takes place. ‘He is a psychopathic or sociopath.

Yet the neighbor down the road who visits every day has a mental illness and when this person visits, or the therapist is emotional. You have problems like the rest of us you do not have a mental illness. This is easier to accept than believing that a person has a mental illness. This is nuts, since it is only contributing to the problem.

The Problem with the World

The problem with the world is all the people looking for help are doing their job and the people that are making excuses or in denial of mental health, illness existence is in serious need of help. For example on knowing something is not proper, if Johnny visits a counselor, he is asking for help. On the other hand if that person sitting at the table telling the neighbor nothing is wrong, and claims that seeing a counselor is only spending money, then guess who is in real need of help.

The person that does not go to a counselor or ask someone in the world for help is the person that mentally ill more so than the common mental ill. Mental is nothing to play around with, and since we are all different it can be difficult to determine who is ill.

I have seen as countless of patients went to mental health experts and watched them carry on to suffer although they worked hard with the counselor to find a resolve. The problem is that mental healths experts are more worried about money than the patients are most time, and believe most all the time they know it all and the patient knows nothing.


Many therapists are in this field of expertise and if you did a background check on the professional, you are most likely going to see this person is a mental health potential or skip out as well. It does not take a genius to understand mental health, but it takes many idiots to tangle the webs of darkness.

In most instances, due to frequent interruptions, mentally sick patients are brilliant individuals that have difficulty managing their lives. Most all the patients that go to mental health experts can complain their problems freely searching for answers to survive. The problem is (between the lines of communication) lies a fountain of information that can help both the patient and the counselor, but too many times the counselors are entangled in their own webs, they miss out on the benefits of helping another person out.

Counseling for Mental Illness

Personally, I spent 25 years in counselor with no results up waiting the last three years and then I was working harder than the counselor to resolve my own problems was. She was doing a portion of her job, but my strategies were succeeding hers, and I left her behind. Now, if you see what I am saying then you will know that anyone with a mental illness has more of an answer than over half of the professionals in the world.

If you have, experience and they have a piece of paper without experience, who knows more? I often have more sympathy for mentally ill patients, than I have for the so-called normal and professionals of the world. I have watched many suffering after begging practically for help, and very little result came from it all.

I watched as many counselors liable the patient for the failure, but in all truths, they had a responsibility in this as well. Most counselors are in denial which is a mental health issue, and many people in many professions are in denial, and this my friend is a major reason for mental health issues around the world. Sick minds think alike because someone is influenced while the other source is influencing.



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