Mental Disorder Symptoms – General Symptoms of Something Wrong

Mental disorder symptoms that a person experiences can vary greatly – because of the type of disease or disorder as well as due to a person’s psychological makeup and individual nature. However there are some common instances of odd behavior, unusual feelings that could indicate a problem.

Mental Disorder Symptoms

We look at various psychological, social, behavioral and cognitive problems that could be common among different disorders. These are the mental disorder symptoms to look out for because they are warning signs that a person needs help; that a diagnosis needs to be made and treatment started.

Cognitive signs

A person who has a mental problem could have signs concentrating, grasping abstract concepts, may seem slow and may appear confused or spaced out. They may perceive things differently than usual people do.

Emotional issues

A person’s emotions may seem significantly different. There could be indifference or apathy or there could besigns of paranoia or persecution. Mental disorder symptoms and include relationship or interpersonal problems.

The person may have difficulty in maintaining friends and may be unable to sustain meaningful relationships.

Mood swings, irritability, aggression without provocation could also be present. Depending upon the type of underlying disorder, a person may seem apprehensive and fearful at all times.

On the other hand they could become very reckless, indulging in risky or even dangerous behavior. The person may also appear either over or under confident and may seem either lethargic or overexcited.

Social problems

Mental disorder symptoms can manifest in different ways socially speaking. For instance people with depression could appear to withdraw from society, preferring to isolate themselves and shun others. On the other hand people with bipolar disorder could be exceedingly effervescent; the life and soul of the party kind of person.

Whereas with one type of mental disorder a person may keep to their room all the time, seeming to sleep all the time, in other cases, the person may subsist on very little sleep and could be over alert and hyper. All of these could translate to problems at work or school – a student with straight A’s could suddenly have falling grades, and a competent professional may seem to go to pieces at the slightest sign of pressure.

Other mental disorder symptoms

A neglect of personal grooming could also be among the warning signs. The person being disinterested in activities and people earlier held dear could also be a sign of help required. Basically it is any departure from normal behavior of any given person that could act as a warning sign of something being very wrong.



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