Self Improvement with Memory Improvement

Self ImprovementIt is an acceptable fact that some of us have a little bit of problem in remembering things.

It happens; we forget what we ate for lunch or a name. Its not troublesome, just annoying.

Unless we are forgetting who our children or spouse are, or where we live; then it is advisable to seek medical intervention.

So, let’s find out what does improving our memory has to do with achieving our other self improvement goals? Simple, in order to achieve most tasks you need to remember the steps you have to take so as to do the task.

You use your memory to recall how to get to work or school, how to cook, how to dress. You would not be able to function very well if you had to relearn these tasks everyday because you forgot what you learned the day before. Everybody learns by remembering details.

A baby learns how to make a toy make sounds by remembering what he or she did the first time the toy made the sound and then repeated that action.Even a dog remembers that you will give him a bone if he sits when you give the command “sit”.

Remembering how to do the tasks is a part of completing the tasks we want to do. This involves retaining memory.

Exercise Your Brain

We exercise our brain. We exercise our brain to improve memory just like we exercise our arms and legs to improve muscle tone. The immediate question you will ask is how do we exercise our brain?

The best way is to “use it”, stay active mentally. A brain is a terrible thing to waste. Do activities that need mental ability like crossword puzzles, reading a book, playing cards.

Memory Games

Practice improving memory by playing memory games like matching games where you have matching cards turned face down and you turn over two cards at a time replacing those that do not match and remembering where you saw each card so that when you find the match you can remember where the card is.

Another memory game is played with two players, a paper, and a pen. Player #1 says a list out loud (such as colors, toys, states, etc) and player #2 has to write the list down 2 minutes after hearing the list. You test the memory of player #2 by increasing the size of the list and how many minutes between hearing it and writing it down.

Even something as simple as completing a crossword puzzle from the Sunday newspaper can serve to sharpen a person’s memory. The key is to find things which are enjoyable to do, yet also challenge the brain.


One of the best ways for memory improvement is reading. Reading is an active activity for the brain. While you are reading the brain is working feverishly to process all the information coming from the book or magazine, even if the body is at rest.

This does not mean that a person can spend all of his or her time indulging in remedial romance books, but instead that a person’s reading schedule should temper current likes with unknown material.

A person who adores reading mysteries might vow to pick up a book of poetry once in a while, just for a change of pace.

Somebody else may pour through cooking manuals and recipe books daily while also rarely reading a personal finance book or historical fiction novel just to keep the reading material fresh and different.

The main point is venture beyond a comfortable intellectual zone once in a while in order to challenge the brain. This will keep a brain sharp well into the golden years. When seeking out self improvement, it makes sense to invest time in goals which will serve to make the brain more able and clever.

Healthy Brain

A healthy brain functions better. You can do to keep your brain healthy from the inside by feeding your brain a proper diet, getting sufficient rest and taking vitamins if you are not able to eat properly are all things.

Keeping your brain healthy from the outside requires protecting it from injury. You can protect your head from injury by wearing proper sports equipment such as football helmets and work helmets when in construction areas or by wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike.

You can increase your chance of keeping your memory sharp by improving your memory and then continuing to train your brain to remember day after day, year after year.

When you have the ability to remember things, you can use this ability to remember the task essential to take so as to accomplish your self improvement goals.



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