Power Up Your Brain – Your Greatest Asset

positive thinking1Your brain is one of your most crucial tools.

Whether you are communicating with customers, writing an email, finishing a project or brainstorming a new venture, your success and your happiness depends on your brain.

Take care of your brain

The easy part about taking care of your brain is that many of the things that benefit the rest of your body will benefit your brain. Exercise, proper rest and nutrition all keep the brain healthy and fed. But beyond this, there are several other steps you can take to keep your noggin charged up.

Stay positive

Amazing how an attitude can change everything. Negative thinking increases stress and keeps you from even wanting to start a new task. But even worse, your brain will often slow down to conserve energy whenever your thinking turns negative.

Believe in yourself. Realize that work can be fun. Focus on more than just the task at hand. Focus on the end result. Like baking a cake, you might love or hate each step of the process. But imagine how delicious the cake will taste when you are finished.

Keep stress down

Researchers have found that stress impairs cognitive function in the brain. Stress depletes resources in the brain since the brain responds to stressors by entering into a fight or flight state. [Stress management tips]

The brain wants to overcome the challenge, but the brain is burning the candle at both ends in order to do so. If you keep your energy reserves low for long enough, your brain will begin to experience nutrient deprivation and damage will occur.

Remain alert

Keep your mind active. Just like muscles, different parts of your brain will begin to experience atrophy when you don’t use them. Do not let your mind go to waste. Stay stimulated.

Talk more

Deep conversation is a great stimulus for the brain. Not only does a conversation stimulate several parts of the brain, but your brain is able to manage the energy requirements of a typical conversation. Who has ever felt stressed after a calm and meaningful conversation?

Create more

The best way to stimulate your brain in new ways is to try new things. Your brain forms new connections whenever you take on new tasks. Also, new activities force your brain to create new mindset. This helps you get out of the box that you might be stuck thinking in.

Have fun

Pleasure soothes the brain and also highly stimulates it. Also, if you stop having fun, you might lose the ability to have pleasure all together. Even pleasure centers of the brain will die if not used.

Keep an open mind and refrain from stereotypes

One of the worst parts of aging is that we often get set in our ways. We become used to seeing people and ideas in a certain light. Then our brain crystallizes. Our ability to do what we know improves, but our ability to do new things eventually fades.

Our brain has an adaptive ability. But like anything, this ability is lost if not used. Since the world is always changing, there is nothing worse than losing your ability to adapt. [How to keep open mind]

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