5 Ways of Effective Memory Management Through Lifestyle Changes

While we are busy coping up with all the important issues and problems in life, we forget that the stress associated with our busy lifestyles can not only affect our health but also our memory. We all have so much on our minds that often we forget to do the most important things. This calls for an effective memory management plan. But rather than turning to any other help, memory management can be achieved well by making a few lifestyle changes. Here’s how:

Improving Memory  Lifestyle Changes

1. Since we tend to be forgetful due to stress and stressors, it is important to list as many stressors as you can recall.  See if these stressors can be eliminated from your life in any way. If possible, try to drop as many unnecessary or avoidable commitments as you possibly can.   This will take some load off your mind and might just help in memory management.

2. The second memory management way is to delegate. If you can put some of your responsibilities on your friends, family or coworkers, then chances are that you will be in for a lot of free space in your mind, which in will turn lead to better memory management.

3. Another way to result in effective memory management is to get organized. You can either use the simple method of pen and paper to note down all that you need to do or get an electronic organizer to make to-do lists etc. This will take some burden off you mind and help you remember the things pending to do effectively. This helps you avoid over committing and is a good way to avoid conflicts

4. Stress can eat away the peace of your mind and this can lead to forgetting important things to do. Thus you must do as much as you can to eliminate the stress.  For this, you can try doing meditation. Meditation will not only relax you but also reduce the stress, anxiety and tension. When your mind is free of worries, you can clearly picture your goals.

5. Giving yourself some time every day is also another way to manage your memory well.  Cut some slack and do what you like in your free time. If its painting that you like pick up the paint brushes whereas if it’s driving you prefer, go get that long overdue drive with your favorite music on.

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