Memory Boosting Games for all ages

Brain is that part of the body without which the body is nothing. It is also that one thing which is responsible for almost everything in this whole world. It is the intelligence of the brain that has discovered, invented and developed so many wonderful things. Sometimes it may happen that our brain may not work properly, it may get tired or may not respond properly. During those times we need to make our brain workout to get back in form. However some of you may think how brain needs workout to stay fit but it is indeed true as the more your brain is exposed to difficulties and challenges the more it becomes sharp. But people may think that only studying may improve the memory but it is not completely true as gaming also help you enhance and boost your memory.


Below are few games that are recommended for you if you want to boost your memory:

  • Dakim- This game provides you a set of games and puzzles to gives your brain a comprehensive workout. It gives you access to more than 100 individual brain exercises designed to improve attention and concentration. It also plays an important role in preventing Alzheimer’s and related symptoms.
  • Fit brain trainers- This game helps you enhance your memory, focus and brain speed by offering you more than 360 games and puzzles. To challenge you every time, the app is designed to get difficult whenever you get better.
  • Cognifit brain fitness- It gives user the access to a wide variety of fun and well designed games designed by neuroscientists. It also helps you track your progress so that you can compete with yourself to get better day by day.
  • Copy cat jack- It is a fun animal game in which you memorizes sounds of animals. It helps you enhance your short term memory.
  • Brain trainer- It is a collection of many brain games that helps you boost your memory. You get more and more challenges on different fields to improve your memory and activate different parts of your brain.
  • Glitter memory- It is game that helps you increase your concentration as it will provide you objects to match and you need to concentrate to get the right object.
  • Harry the hamster- This is a game where you need to save the character Harry from a tunnel by arranging it as fast as you can before a cat jumps on it. So it will help you to decide fast and find solutions to a certain problem within limited time.

You can get the above games in the internet and also can get many more memory games to boost your memory. Simply browse the internet to get a game of your choice and enjoy playing it while boosting up your memory. You will never get bored of these games as they are so amazing and offers a lot to you. So enjoy these games and boost your memory.


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