Meditation and Memory Management – A Symbiotic Relation

The power of meditation is immense and it has been since the beginning of time that we have associated good memory to meditation. But you might wonder how these two are related. Well to break it down, our brain is like a box with compartments.

With age these compartments increase and as we age further, these compartments break down. In each compartment we store data in the form of memories and increasing and decreasing these compartments strengthens or blurs our memory. It is with the help of meditation that we can control the ability to retain our memories.

meditation and memory management

Meditation and memory management

Meditate to Free your Mind

Contrary to popular belief, you need to let your mind free while meditating. Do not concentrate on a particular point as this will only stress your brain and the ultimate aim of meditation is to distress your brain.

Meditation brings Back Lost Memories

When your mind is relaxed, your brain is able to tap all the memories in the sub-conscious parts and you are able to remember every tiny detail that has eluded you for so long. Understand well that memories are not lost; they are locked away in some corner of your brain and you only need to focus to bring them back.

Meditation Increases Memory Retention Capacity

There are certain things that you need to retain for longer periods of time and there are those things that you can afford to forget. The long term memory storage is controlled by the Hippocampus and the frontal lobe of the brain. With the help of meditation you are able to increase the capacity of this part so that you can store more information here. That is how you will see some people have more memory retention than others.

Aid your Meditation

While meditation is good for memory, there are certain practices that are good for meditation. Yoga, pranayama and regular workout help your mind to relax easily so that you are able to meditate better.

Meditation helps to Focus

If you have ever faced a situation where you have not been able to remember a particular name then you know how important it is to focus. You will be able to remember the name only if you focus hard. Meditate often so that you are able to organize your memories so that you can access these data as and when you need them.


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