Boost Your Brain Power

There are six-pack abs.

There are strong, toned arms.

And now there are mentally fit brains.

Just as you may do sit-ups or push-ups each morning for a more attractive and fit body, you can easily boost your brainpower in 20 minutes a day!

It’s quite simple doing push-ups isn’t it?

You simply lie on the ground, face down. Then you push yourself up and down, repeatedly, with your arms. In less than five or 10 minutes your workout is complete.

Boosting your brainpower can be that simple. It can be that fast.

The problem is; so many people think that it has to be difficult to get smarter. Not true.

Consider this: Some people will do 100 physical push-ups a day. That’s exhausting! Especially when 10 or 20 push-ups a day is all you need to see your arm muscles develop.

It’s the same with boosting your brainpower. If you’re willing to invest just 20 minutes a day — doing one mental push-up — you’ll start to feel more intelligent. That’s it. Twenty minutes.

Yes, I want to tone, strengthen, and build my intelligence muscles!

A mentally fit brain feels as good as a physically fit body…

If you work out at the gym or at home you know the results. You feel re-energized. You build firmer muscles. You start to lose weight. Your clothes fit better.

If you can train your body to get fit — why not your brain? A mentally fit brain feels great!

You’ll have sharper focus, super concentration, and strategic thinking abilities. You’ll become a power learner — absorbing and reading information and books with greater ease and speed. You’ll solve complex problems quickly.

You’ll improvise brilliant strategies and creative possibilities for getting what you want in life — from wealth, to business success, to happiness. You’ll tap into an unlimited source of inner wisdom and strength.

You’ll discover your greatest hidden talents and implement them immediately. You’ll have the courage to do things others consider impossible. You won’t be afraid to fail. You’ll learn from mistakes — and simply find another way, like Thomas Edison once did to find the right way to make a light bulb. You’ll have enthusiasm and dynamic energy to pursue your goals.

Like Einstein, you’ll have a curiosity for life that leads you to stunning discoveries from something as simple as a walk in the woods.

You’ll know how to raise your IQ points by one dozen or more points — playing and sight-reading music! You’ll master any new physical skill faster than you ever imagined possible! You’ll even enjoy better health!

You’ll also have mental radar working full time that notices details other people aren’t aware of. It may be small — like the play of shadows on the wall. Or it may be meaningful, like the way someone shifts his or her breathing when you walk into a room. Something as subtle as raindrops bouncing off tree leaves and onto the ground can become a meaningful discovery and systematic exploration of life.

It will be as if you’ve found yourself in an altogether different, richer world.

This is what it’s like to have a mentally fit brain. And getting there is easy.

Scientist Dr. Win Wenger, Ph.D., says, “Everything which people or scientists call ‘intelligence’ is something that can be greatly improved through training.”

The Schwarzenegger effect: How a little training can greatly improve your Intelligence.

Einstein once said, “Every child is born a genius.”

Unfortunately most people don’t function at genius levels. That’s because they’re not aware of how creative and smart they really are.

Brian Tracy calls it the “Schwarzenegger effect.” No one would look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and think how lucky he is to have been born with such tremendous muscles. Everyone knows that he, and bodybuilders like him, have worked many thousands of hours to build up their muscles. Your creative, genius like capabilities are the same. With training, you’ll build and grow your intelligence muscles. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend thousands of hours like bodybuilders

Yes, I want to tone, strengthen, and build my intelligence muscles!

Dr. Win Wenger speeds up the process for you. He has put 30 years of his scientific research into a Nightingale-Conant program called Brain Boosters. The result? A daily mind workout that takes only 20 minutes to do!

Build and grow your intelligence muscles — with these cutting-edge mind development workouts!

  • The “Free noting” mind workout: Discover a wealth of information and understanding you didn’t even know you had! You can also build language fluency! Understand more from a lesson, lecture, book, or course. And it’s a great problem-solving method!
  • The “Flash Answer Method” and the “Flash Awareness Method” mind workouts: Can you think of the clear blue sky? Of course. It seems that your brain responded quickly, didn’t it? Yes. But there’s a deeper, main, limbic part of your brain that responds to questions ten thousand times faster than that! Now you can access it! Here, you’ll find instant answers to any personal, situational, job-related, or community-based problem!
  • The seven-step “Crabapple” mind workout: Did you know that more than 80 percent of your brain works in sensory images — and only 1 percent to 2 percent in words? Think of a dream you had where you woke up confused. What did it mean? Dreams work in sensory images. Now you can use metaphor to find answers to the most stubborn problems!
  • The “Held Breath Underwater” mind workout: Concentrate longer. Improve your span of awareness. Feel sharper, clearer, more alert, and healthier. Strengthen the circulation to your physical brain. It’s as simple as holding your breath!
  • The “Rim of Vision” mind workout: Squint your eyes. It’s harder to see the words on this page isn’t it? Your rim of vision has been reduced. What if the normal area around your eyes and beyond your rim of vision could read? You’d tap into a huge chunk of your brain that’s currently being unused! Training this part of your brain is as simple as using a pad of paper and a marker.
  • The “Pole-Bridging” mind workout: Imagine that there are two islands separated by a lake. You build a bridge to connect the two islands. Now the people on each island can communicate more freely. There’s an internal and external functional gap in everyone’s brain. Now you can “build a bridge” between this gap — to generate better communication inside your own brain! The result? An instant intelligence boost!
  • The “Human Development Ladder Experience” mind workout: Re-experience the time you were in the womb, from infancy, right through to your current adult stage. A stunning “V” visualization reawakens long-neglected circuits deep in your brain to better support your higher brain functions. Expect enrichments, good things happening, and even improvements in your physical body.
  • The “Three Doors” visualization mind workout: Two eyes see better than one, right? If you’ve got both of your eyes functioning well, it’s easy to see in three dimensions, to discern what’s near, far, and in between. Now you can solve problems in a three-dimensional form of thinking.
  • The “Being Is Seeing” mind workout: Experience three refreshingly different worlds out of the same surrounding (such as your office). Discover what it’s like looking through the eyes of an architect or interior designer, a property tax assessor, and a bushman from Africa ‘s Kalahari Desert . Notice what you’ve been missing all these years.
  • The three-stage “Improvitaping” mind workout: Become a highly original composer of really fine music — even if you have no musical talent or training — in only 900 minutes! (That’s 90 minutes per day for 10 days!) This is the only workout longer than 20 minutes. But just think: You don’t have to spend years of expensive training. And you don’t have to wrestle with composition formalities or other music theory.

Plus many more mind workouts that will be revealed to you!

Yes, I want to tone, strengthen, and build my intelligence muscles!



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