6 Tips To Help To Learn And Retain Learning Better!

learning betterThis one is not just for students who are cramming for exams; any information that you want to retain, or memory you want to cement, these tricks will help you remember better so that recalling what you have learnt is not difficult.

1. Move your eyes from side to side

Try this out, the next time you have to remember the name of a person you have just been introduced to or have to remember a phone no. or address you have to remember – move your eyes from side to side for half a minute before trying to remember it.

This trick has been seen to work very well even in a study conducted with participants who did the trick remembering material better.

2. Eat your green veggies and beans as well

These are food items rick in magnesium, which is a key nutrient for the part of the brain involved in memory and learning. In an experiment, lab rats that were fed a magnesium compound were seen to do better in learning – this was the case even for older rats. Leafy green veggies, soy and legumes are rich in magnesium so remember to eat these for a good memory.

3. Sleep

Numerous studies as well as anecdotal evidence support to the fact that sleep helps to consolidate memory. Learning new material followed by sleep will help you retain that new material far better since it helps to consolidate memory and to convert it into a long term memory. There is also the fact that proper rest is necessary for the rest and repair that goes on in the body, which helps us be healthier and perform better on the whole.

4. Focus

When you are involved in a task, focus and concentrate on it wholly. If required force yourself to pay attention, by tuning out distractions and willing yourself to concentrate only on the task at hand. Try to concentrate on the whole situation, the details about where you are at the time, your surroundings and so on.

5. Visualize that which you are trying to remember

If you have to remember to do something, visualize yourself doing it; this will help you remember that this is something that needs to be done.

6. An enriched environment

One that is stimulating in terms of color, sounds, activity and novelty can stimulate the brain to stay sharp and hence retain learning better.  Being in an interesting place with interesting people can help with memory building.



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