20 Ways To Exercise Your Brain For Peak Performance

exerciseIn order to stay sharp, it is important that you exercise your brain.

The less we use our minds, the duller they become.

There is a lot of emphasis these days on staying physically healthy, but we should also be concerned for our mental [Mental health] well-being.

Our brains continue to expand and adapt to the stimuli they receive throughout our lives. The more we take care of our brains, the better thinkers we become.

Here are twenty ways that you can develop a training regimen for your brain!

1. Read a good book.

Reading a book stimulates the imagination. Your brain can’t keep from drawing mental pictures when you read. Reading gets your mind off its butt and to work.

2. Big Brain Academy.

Video games have a bad reputation for causing brain rot, but there are some that will actually help you strengthen your mind.

3. Practice meditation.

There are a lot of different forms of meditation. In its most simple form, meditation is about spending a little time alone to relax and center your thoughts.

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