Engage Employees Strategic Planning

An organization is made by the employees who work there and the management that runs the place and although the upper management is one who has the skills, knowledge and experience in making strategic plans for the development of the company, they cannot do it alone.

Engage Employees Strategic Planning

In order to reach the goals and improve the general performance of the people working in an organization, employees must be engaged in strategic planning because they can actively contribute towards the goals by being part of the process. It gives them a sense of belonging and they become stakeholders in the process too.

Although the final decision will rest with the management, if you engage the employees and ask for their views, you will be surprised to know a lot of new things and see things from a different perspective, which will be good for the overall development of the company. Here are a few reasons why must employees be engaged in strategic planning:

  • Employees are an important part of the organization and to see your plans taking shape, it needs the actual cooperation of the employees. Hence, if the employees are engaged in the planning process, they will feel the need to become proactive and will contribute even more to the organization and its goals.
  • By engaging the employees in strategic planning, you make the employees feel that they are an important part of their organization and their decision matters. That’s why they become eager to show their abilities and expertise because they feel that what they are doing will be appreciated and actually make a difference to the company.
  • Engaging employees in planning makes them more responsible and accountable for their actions and they take active interest in what is going on in the organization, rather than just do what they are told to do.
  • In order to engage employees, you must share with them what your goals are and what exactly you want to do with them. Along with that you can also ask for their opinion on a particular decision and take the final decision only after considering their views too.
  • This also leads to mutual trust and respect and will lead to a positive work atmosphere where both parties feel like they can depend on each other and that helps them to reach their goals faster and more easily.
  • Since your employees will feel more important if they are engaged in the planning process, they will be more happy and loyal.


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