4 Reasons Why Staffing Your Organization From Within Works Best

Applicants who want to work for your company can come from many sources. These sources may range from your company’s newspaper ads to a family friend who is trying to help someone get a job. However, the best prospects may be just within your reach whom are already working in your organization.

People working in other positions in your company may fit your needs so look there first. In addition, you can seek people from outside your organization through a variety of channels. An efficient manager will understand how to recruit personnel and provide training for evaluating application forms and resumes and conducting interviews that will give the interviewer meaningful information on which to base hiring decisions.

Hire From Within

People who work for your company may make valuable members of your team. They may work at jobs in which they don’t use their full potential, or they may be ready for new challenges. Joining your team would be a move up for them. Even if an opening isn’t an immediate promotion, a lateral transfer might enable that person to take a step forward in reaching her career goals.

Internal Transfers

Larger companies have several positions in which the workers can be promoted to serve. Or there may be different departments in which an employee may be hired to transfer to work for another area. This is always the wisest choice when you are looking to fill a new position. Seeking to fill a team vacancy from within a company has many advantages:

  • People who already work in your company know the “lay of the land.” They’re familiar with your company’s rules and regulations, customs and culture, and practices and idiosyncrasies. Hiring these people rather than someone from outside your company saves time in orientation and minimizes the risks of dissatisfaction with your company.
  • You know more about these people than you can possibly learn about outsiders. You may have worked directly with a certain person or observed him in action. You can get detailed and honest information about a candidate from previous supervisors and company records.
  • Offering opportunities to current employees boosts morale and serves as an incentive for them to perform at their highest level.
  • An important side effect is that it creates a positive image of your company in the industry and in your community. This image encourages good people to apply when jobs for outsiders do become available.


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