Women And Emotional Security In A Relationship

emotionalWomen and men definitely differ very much so in their needs from a relationship.

While both men and women have needs that are similar, the woman’s need for emotional security and reassurance is much more dominant than the man’s need for emotional security and reassurance.

For example, women need to have physical intimacy and affection that doesn’t lead to sex. Men associate physical intimacy and affection with sex.

Women do need both, but its just that they need physical attention.

One of the differences that women experience in their need for emotional security is that their needs are constantly changing because a woman’s feelings can be constantly changing.

Without judgment and criticism and feeling attached to her significant other will lead a woman to have fewer needs and less of a need for emotional security and reassurance.

However, when a woman has not been receiving the acceptance from her significant other, then she needs to feel the reassurance she is craving.

A woman can feel unconditionally loved and cared for by a man when she feels absolutely no criticism and no judgments from him. A woman will be able to honestly communicate and not feel needy or clingy.

Two other factors that would contribute to a woman’s sense of emotional security would be physical and financial aspects. These two aspects of physical and financial needs will contribute to a woman’s sense of safety as well. Women oftentimes subconsciously ‘trade’ needs mentally.

For example when a woman is getting what she needs in regards to affection she may decide she doesn’t need quite as much financial security. When a woman has a need for financial security and is receiving it, that financial security may lend itself over to physical security and she may not be quite so needy in that aspect.

The benefits to feeling secure in a relationship and feeling emotionally stable are that the woman will also believe the relationship is going somewhere. A woman isn’t going to feel good about a situation that she knows will soon end or a situation in which there is no future.

There should be a very steady balance between a woman’s needs being met and the man’s needs being met. A woman’s needs should be met however the downside to a woman always getting what she wants is the same as the downside as a child getting what they want at all times.



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