Are You Daddy’s Girl? Why Women Go For Guys Like Their Fathers?

It may sound like an old wives’ tale, but research has in fact been able to demonstrate that our parents influence who we find attractive later in life. Take for instance, the fact that Brat Pitt resembles, to a large extent, Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight – so women find attractive men who look like their father.

looks like fatherA large scale survey found that people tended to pick out partners who had the same hair and eye color as that of the parent of the opposite sex. Not just that, the survey found that people also tend to go for facial features that resemble their parent of the opposite sex.

And it isn’t just that the girls pick guys who look like their dads; the guys also pick girls that look more like their mothers.

It has also been seen t hat people tend to go for people who have a similar levels of attractiveness as them and this was one of the subconscious rules that appeared to be guiding the choices that people in the survey made.

This tendency to pick a partner that resembles a parent of the opposite sex (it did not apply to the parent of the same sex and so it can be concluded that it is not mere familial familiarity that guides people’s choices) was seen more in the case of those who had a good relationship with their parent of the opposite sex.

They picked a person who looked like their parent because they perhaps wanted to replicate the experiences of a good relationship in their romantic ones as well.



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