What Are The Skills Required To Make New Friends?

Making friendsEvery one in this world has a need for companionship and many of you give utmost importance for friendship.

Irrespective of age, making good friends is not an easy task.

Certain events in your life like moving to a new place or starting a new job can segregate you from your former group of friends and makes you to form new group.

Some of you can make friends much more easily than others, whereas for others it can be much more difficult than you. This can be due to many reasons like; some people usually struggle with certain feelings of insecurity, pride, depression, and fear of people or some people can have an introvert personality.

Whatever may be the problem, it needs to be addressed and conquered. Always remember that you can never reach your goals or fulfillments until you attain strong relationships with other people.

So, in order to develop your social circle or to strengthen your relationships, here are certain guidelines. Try to follow them to be successful in finding right friends for you.

Guidelines to make new friends:

Try to hold back the shyness gene in you!

Initiate yourself to go up and say hello to strangers at any party or social gathering. If you are very introverted, don’t bother about it and try to consider yourself as a successful shy person, because you can still make new friends.

Making the first move from your side helps to take off the anxiety of other person and most of the time they will feel much relieved that some one else has set the ball rolling.

Try to improve your social skills!

Always remember that a gentle smile or a warm greeting can be your most powerful weapons to defend yourself while making new friendships. A simple smile and warm greet can make you to look pleasant and decent mannered person.

So, try to smile and look more relaxed when you are meeting any new folks. Try to introduce yourself prior to starting your conversation. Try to take interest and be patient to hear the other person’s answers to your questions. Always ask open-ended questions, which will allow you to make your conversation flow easily.

Never expect instant results!

Remember, good friends are never made overnight. Sharing your genuine and deep secrets in a single conversation will not essentially create a secure friend ship. At times, it can even drive the other person away, so take it slowly.

Try to reveal only the safest secrets of your life initially and allow your relationship to hold some good weight before you share certain important issues in your life.

Control your urge to criticize others!

Constantly complaining about the failures and faults of other people can make your listener to feel distrustful about your friendship. Even if you constantly talk about the trials and troubles of other people, it can make your friendship suspicious to other person.

Try to follow these simple guidelines, whenever you are trying to make a stranger as your friend and always remember, life is to be outfitted with many friends and healthy relationships. To love and to be loved by all is the greatest essence of existence.



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