Watch Out Addictive Relationships

Did you ever heard about addictive relationships? Addictive relationship is an unhealthy situation where a person suffers from attention and presence of other person.

Addictive relationships are quite tough to identify and it is even tougher for affected people to quit from it.

So, how will you decide whether a relationship is addictive or not? Here are few ways to identify addictive relationships.

Signs of addictive relationship

Continuing bad relationship for happiness

When you are continuing a bad relationship despite of being aware of it or even when others warn you against it, it is absolutely because you are addicted to relationship.

Aiming unrealistic expectations

If you want the other person who is in relationship with you to solve your problems and care your self-esteem, then you should immediately cut your thoughts. This is because of the reason that such kind of feeling can turn into addictive relationship.

Lack of trust

Without having trust on the other person if you still want to continue your relationship, then undoubtedly it is a warning sign of addictive relationship.

Other than these factors, dishonesty, compulsive control, frequent cycles of pain, complete isolation from society, expecting change according to your desires are few other signs of addictive relationship.



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