Wait, If It Is True Love You Want, Says Study

Religious, moral and other reasons are offered when the point of view of delaying sex in a relationship is advised. However, now a study has found that such a delay and waiting to get serious before commencing sexual intercourse, is actually good for the relationship itself, and the relationship is likely to last longer and be of a better quality.

long term relationshipsAccording to sociology professor Anthony Paik of the University of Iowa, the character traits of the persons involved in the relationship could themselves impact this. Those that wait to have sex, have the sort of characteristics that make it likelier for them to have higher quality relationships.

According to Paik, this period of ‘courtship’ or waiting becomes a kind of screening process that may perhaps nip undesirable relationships in the bud so to speak. When couples do not wait to have sex and get into physical intimacy quickly, they lose out on useful information, according to the professor.

He clarifies however that casual flings also do, in some cases end up in long term relationships, but that the quality of relationships has more to do with who we are than who we choose to have sex with. According to him, certain people are just more prone to finding relationships less rewarding and they are more likely to have sex in casual relationships.



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