— 15 Tips to rejuvenate your love life with your soul-mate

valentines daySt Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 each year. This is the day for those who are waiting to proclaim their love towards their loved ones or towards people who care for them.

Needless to say, till date, we have not found the correct definition of LOVE. We have only expressed it in our own words and at times have only felt it. However, love is eternal and divine. Finding true love is hard but at the same time not difficult.

Valentine’s Day is not just for youngsters. There is no age-bar for this occasion as children also exchange cards on this day to show their affection. People exchange gifts in the form of candies, flowers, candle-lit dinners and Valentine Cards. This day is filled with sentiments, love and affection.


valetinesDoes it seem to be a question? Yes, indeed but it carries many expectations. However, when you love somebody you are always at the giving end. You do not expect much. It gives you immense pleasure in the fact that you are loved by someone who is very special to you.

The answer to this question is filled with a world of promises, happiness, satisfaction, feeling secured and pleasure. It also gives a feeling that you are accepted by your Valentine by the way you are to partner with in joy and grief.

We have a quote on love:

“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.” How true? Isn’t it?

Here are few tips which relish your bondage of love even more. Try it out!

  1. Appreciate and caution: Everybody is thirsty of praises and appreciations. Praise and appreciate your soul mate in little achievements. At the same time, do caution if something goes wrong.
  2. Arrange a Party: Surprise your Valentine by throwing a party or invite to dine with you. You can be more economical and creative by arranging dinner party at home.
  3. Take Decisions: Giving importance to your soul-mate’s opinion will enrich your relationship and improves mutual understanding. Value your partner’s opinions and make them understand that he/she is the most vital part of your life.
  4. Do not maintain Secrecy: There should not be any hide-and-seek regarding your personal life with your life partner. There should always be 100 percent transparency.
  5. Show love to your loved ones: Expressing your love towards your beloved puts things in right place. Showing them how much you love makes them feel treasured.
  6. Fulfilling Needs: Always regard your Valentine’s needs and wishes. Try fulfilling the same, when the need arises. For instance, grab tickets for your soul-mate’s favorite movie/theatre show. This shows how much you value his/her interest and increases your levels of intimacy.
  7. Celebrate: Organize and schedule your plans in celebrating special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion which your lover can cherish or feel pleasurable.
  8. Deception Destroys You: Never be dishonest in your life. This harms your love life and also other relationships which may not heal. However, at times it may take years for the wound to heal.
  9. Interact to understand: Ineffective communication may lead to a break-up. Try communicating your feelings to your partner in a better way. This can be done only by frequent interactions and open conversations. Admit your mistakes and correct them with your partner’s co-operation.
  10. Do not mark your expectations high – You may not be able to fulfill your partner’s wishes and needs. On the other hand, it is vice-versa. However, as discussed earlier you tend to love your partner more than expecting something from him/her which stands for a healthier relationship.
  11. Do not cut your wallet short: In order to be more economical in enjoying your day with your Valentine, you can as well drop in to the nearest coffee shop. Also, you can jump into a restaurant and try a never-tasted dessert. You need not pour out money or empty your wallet to show your love towards your Valentine.
  12. Walking Outdoors: If possible, you can try snow-shoeing or walking on the beach with the silent sky monitoring you. Being speechless with hand in hand may fascinate and spellbound your beloved. You can as well stroll through a park, take a rowboat or paddle boat out on a lake.
  13. Please remember: Gifting your Valentine does not mean that you shower gifts which are expensive. Showering expensive gifts does not measure your love towards your partner. You can as well help you Valentine by helping him/her in the activities like cleaning, dusting, cooking, or also in repairing the car.
  14. Value your Valentine’s interest: If your partner is interested in gardening you can gift an outdoor plant which will live longer as a token of your love. This will be an ideal gift than gifting flowers which fade after certain period.
  15. Prove your creativity: To be more creative you can post messages in and around the house which may or may not catch attention. This will be a real gaming activity for both of you.

Understanding your partner and living in coordination strengthens your bond of love. Showering your affection on your loved ones will give you immense confidence and courage. It also helps you in facing all the hardships when your partner is on your side. You tend to reach out your set goals with the help of your Valentine.

“In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.” -Erich Fromm

To keep the fire of love alive, light the lamps of love with your Valentine this year, the next and the next and let it follow for the years ahead.




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