How to Turn your ‘Romantic Relationship’ into a ‘Mature Relationship’

Relationships feel great! The good time spent with your loved one is a powerful feeling that can also put your life on a happy track. But, love is in the end, just a feeling which is prone to changing just like any other feeling! Hence, first we are called to be in love, then it is that we are in a relationship they say.

Relationships are much more than love! It’s spending great amount of time of your life with another person. Literally meaning to share everything that’s ever been personal to you.

Doing this with no problem seems to be a thing of a saint or so, but for normal people like us, it comes with great challenges. Admit it, you can’t spend a life base on the feeling cause nobody can be in a romantic mood 24/7 right?

How to Turn your 'Romantic Relationship' into a 'Mature Relationship'

So you need to learn how to keep up a happy relationship. Or in other words, how to be mature in a relationship! There are a few basic habits that you can inculcate in your relationship which will take it from the roads of romance to the mature island!

  1. Be all ears

Acknowledge the importance of your partner. Listen carefully while they speak and give full chance to them to speak up their mind. Let them have their speech moment, and only then it is that you take over.

This happening, you would be giving a complete opportunity for them to express who they are. This will help you know them better, but will also provide you with a magical input to make things work. After all, it’s all about making a great sense of understanding with them.

  1. Have and let have ‘Space’

Trust them! A mature relationship does not mean wanting to have the right to know everything they’ve done, every place they’ve been to or every person they’ve met! Let them live their life and do their thing. It counts when two different personalities blend together to make things work. Consistently asking or wanting to seek detailed reports on one’s life could lead to one of the two trying to do things that will only please the other in an attempt to keep the love; ultimately losing their own individuality!

  1. Seek advice

There’s no ego to exist, archly in a relationship. Contradictorily, ego kills the happiness. Let the ego out, or to start with, lock it and keep it shut. It’s always great to discuss with other people what’s important and to seek advice. Then what could be a darn reason for you not approaching your own partner for that. Trust them with matters of interests, just like you have trusted them with life (an assumption made as you are in a relationship).

  1. Value their opinion

Seriously consider what they say. Contemplate on that and ponder. That will always be helpful to you. Not only that, it will also make your partner feel included in your life- something everyone in a relationship expects from their counterpart. Make it happen.

Make them feel that their opinions matter and that they are not just a pretty/ handsome face to comfort your eye!

  1. Take responsibility

Take an effort to make them feel better. Don’t take them for granted as they are those who are supposed to be with you in thick and thin. Value their presence.


Keep the person above your feelings as feelings change and so could love, But a mature relationship will embrace the person they’re with, albeit the attractive forces that fluctuate. Make them a very part of your life in all aspects – personal, professional and financial!

A relationship means walking together, completing and complementing one another – in every form.

A romantic relationship is hearts matched, and a mature relationship is minds match!



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