Tools To Help You Recover From The End Of A Relationship – Part 2

Painful as it is to recover from the end of a relationship, it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world; that there is much in life to look forward to. Concentrate on healing now for a better tomorrow:

Counting one’s blessings: The end of a relationship is the time to look at the big picture count your blessings: friends and family who are there for you, a good job, your health, perhaps your children. There may be much positivity and good in your life; seek it out, and try to concentrate on it rather than the negativity.

relationship failReassessing Goals: If it is long term relationship such as marriage that has ended, then a lot of circumstance will change; many changes, adjustments and modifications will have to be made in life.

Even a short term relationship ending may mean that your dreams and plans for the future have come crashing down.

This may be terribly painful but it has to be accepted and one has to come to terms with it in order that you can restructure your long term plans and goals.

It may require a reassessment of some fundamental questions of life, and you need to clarify at this point, what you are looking for. Also take the time to reassess what you require in a relationship and the person in order that the same mistakes may not be repeated at a later stage.

The advantage of wisdom: When a relationship ends, it will leave you wiser and in a sense, older; it will have taught you valuable life lessons. For instance, you may have learned valuable lessons from the relationship as well as the mistakes made that led to the subsequent break up.

You can ask yourself what are the mistakes you made; the ones that you will try not to repeat. What will you do differently next time; with the wisdom you have acquired from this break up?

Learning to be you again: It may seem that the unhappiness and pain are weighing you down, but you need to find the strength to start to smile again, to start to find happiness in things as before, to just be You Again!

Yes there are memories, but it is important not to dwell on the past; rather look positively toward the future.  Re-examine your goals both long term and short term and ask yourself if you would like to be single for a while, or the areas of your life you want to be concentrating on right now.



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