Tips For Surviving A Breakup In Relationship

breakup in relationshipIn all probability, everyone survives at least one breakup of their relationship, once in their lifetime.

Although it may not help you much, it is a fact that breakups happen very often, it happens to almost everyone, and everyone survives, although everyone has a different healing capacity and capability.

Never forget; although things may look bleak and miserable in the immediate aftermath of the breakup in your relationship, the hurt and pain do dissipate gradually, eventually.

Here are some tips that will show you how to cope with the breakup:

  • It is okay if you are feeling sad and depressed about life in general; everyone who has had to suffer through a breakup of a relationship, no matter how long it may have lasted will go through a period of sadness, almost like mourning.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your close friends or relatives for help; they will only be too glad to support you through this turbulent period of your life. In addition, having a person you know cares for you close by will work wonders on your lost self esteem, and you will be able to recover from that all enveloping feeling of loneliness and desperation that accompanies a breakup.
  • If you feel up to it, remove all the things, including the small mementos that stand as a testimonial to your relationship. Take a large box and pack these things away even though it may all feel too final for you. It does help not to be constantly reminded of the relationship you have lost, for whatever reason.
  • Although this may come as a surprise to you, you must take care of your own feelings of hurt and disappointment first, before you think about your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s. Do not ignore your own feelings just so that you may be able to offer consolation to your ex partner; it will only prolong the agony, and for what purpose? Try to stay away from all contact with your ex partner at the same time.
  • Never enter into another relationship although you may be tempted to do so, in the immediate aftermath of the breakup of your relationship. It will only end in disaster, because you would have simply chosen this person out of your own need and not for that person’s endearing qualities. This will never do in a relationship.
  • Consider the breakup as a learning experience, remain positive, and learn to take things in your stride. Feel sure of yourself, and stay confident of your abilities to rise above all adversity.


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