Tantric Sex – What Is It And How It Can Help Reignite A Relationship

Certain ancient Indian spiritual practices and rituals of worship that are based on the divine play between the goddess Shakti and god Shiva that seek to channel energy in creative and emancipatory ways is referred to as Tantra and in the West, Tantric sex has collected something of a cult following.

Though tantric sex is but a small part of the entire doctrine of tantric, it is this that has gained currency in the western world popularized by celebrities such as Sting and others.

tantric sexThe more modern concept is to use the principles of tantric sex to achieve a spiritual plane and a level of intimacy that touches the not just one’s sexuality and emotions, but also hearts and minds.

Over time a lot of sexual concepts have become warped as being forbidden pleasure with an unhealthy fear or lewdness and even guilt becoming attached to what could be the greatest of unions between two souls.

Tantric sex can be a way to liberate one’s attitudes to sex as well as forge a deeper connection with the person that you love most. It can be a way to reignite lost passion, to make the routine of sex that of lovemaking once again.

The principles of Tantra started to evolve nearly six thousand years ago and sought to challenge the belief that enlightenment and spiritual advancement could only be achieved by refraining from sex.

Tantra put forward the belief that sexuality could present the doorway to the divine helping connect to one’s spiritual self.

Tantra sought to turn on its head the belief that earthly pleasures of eating, dancing and others were somehow base, by postulating that these pleasures were in fact sacred acts what could help a person connect with one’s creator.

Tantric sex is way of reeducating oneself about sex – that sex is not a form of recreation but a way to pleasure your lover and also be able to connect more fully with them.  Whereas for the most part, sex is viewed as an act – a beginning, and a goal based end; typically orgasm; with tantric sex there is only an exquisite union, an intimate experience with expressive and even meditative elements.

Tantric sex seeks the peak of sexual ecstasy; perhaps multiple orgasms and can even address common sexual dysfunctions. Premature ejaculation and a lack of interest in sex could be issues addressed by tantric sex.

Not just that, tantric sex is a way to enhance mutual trust, respect and love since intercourse is not the goal. The goal is giving and receiving pleasure and connecting at every level with gentle words and touch.



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