Spray On For Sensitivity?

It is a long term lament of women the world over; a wish that their significant other be more sensitive to them and their needs; their emotions and their feelings. And now it may seem that a woman’s dearest wish for a sensitive man by her side may have come true; and that too in the form of a spray!

It is the hormone oxytocin contained in a nasal spray that may help your mate tune into your every mood and a study showed this spray to be effective.

coupleOxytocin is the hormone that is secreted by the body when a woman gives birth and is known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ that aids feelings of affection and contentment. It helps a mother bond with her new baby.

A study administered a placebo to half the subjects and the actual hormone spray to half the subjects of the study.

Those men who got the actual spray displayed more empathy than those who were squired with the placebo. They displayed “the levels of sensitivity usually found in females,” according to researcher Dr. Rene Hurlemann of Bonn, Germany.

So if you find that your man just doesn’t understand you or your needs; it would seem help is at hand; albeit in the form of a nasal spray.

Source: NYDailyNews



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