Singles Awareness Day – An Alternative to Valentine’s Day

The cloying romanticism of Valentine’s Day, the in your face commercialization of the 14th of February can be off-putting for a number of individuals whether in a relationship or single. Also for obvious reasons, Valentine’s Day can be difficult to get through for those whose relationship just ended or those who are single but don’t want to be.

single awareness day

So as a viable alternative for those who cannot or choose not to be part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations, an alternative has been created – it is calledSingles Awareness Day, and is an occasion for singles to remind themselves and others that they can be single and happy!

Here are some tips to live it up this singles awareness day –

  • Organize a singles party with likeminded individuals, rather than couples
  • Send yourself a gift. Valentine’s day is all about gifting the one you love, and surely it is as important to have a good relationship with your own self; so go ahead and treat yourself to something you really enjoy.
  • Focus on the benefits of being single
  • Don’t be apprehensive about venturing out and dating; you don’t know – Mr. or Ms. Right could be right around the corner!


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