Quarrelling With Mom, Insights

quarrelling with momHere’s what Jane told her friend, “My Mom is the worst! She always plays favorites! Yesterday when my sister Betty asked permission to go out and stay late, my Mom calmly said, “OK’ and even smiled at her, but when I asked her the same thing today, she gave me such a look when she said a firm ‘No!’

How come Betty gets to go out and not me, after all she is only two years older than me? I hate my Mom!”

These words may be quite commonly heard in any house that has teenagers living in it, and quarrels and arguments and fights between children and heir mothers, especially between daughters and mothers at this age are extremely common indeed.

In fact, if this did not happen, then I should suspect that there is something wrong somewhere!

If you are a daughter or son and want to change things for the better with your Mom, here are a few tips for you:

  • Talk to her! Tell her that her rules are stifling you or whatever, and open up your feelings to her. After all, she knows you better than anyone else at this point, and you are aware that she cares for you a great deal.
  • You can try opening up the lost communication between you both by some small gestures. For instance, you could make a small card saying “I love you, Mom!” under her pillow, or in her briefcase. Everyone loves to be appreciated, and when it is your Mom who is feeling upset, then why can’t you, as her child, make an attempt to make her feel better about the situation?
  • If it is not too much for you, you could simply say to your Mom, “I am sorry, Mom!” These words will do wonders for your relationship. Your Mom will not feel that she is against an unpredictable and unscalable wall and you will be able to appreciate your Mom better as a person and as a real human being with feelings and emotions, and know that she too is a person just like you!
  • Try to put yourself in her shoes, and ask her too to do the same ting. This way, both of you will be able to see each others’ view points, and thereby find a solution to your problems.

Don’t forget; these quarrels and fights with your Mom are a part of growing up and showing off your independence from your Mom. She knows this, and it is time you knew it too.



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