Common Myths About a Flagging Libido Busted

Like it or not, sex can be pretty central to a relationship – it is the most basic, but also the most intimate way for two people to love each other and express their feelings for each other.

flagging libidoSexual intercourse can engender bonding in a unique and special way between two individuals; so when this part of a relationship goes wrong, or when one partner desires more of it than the other, problems do start.

And if these problems are not addressed, this can make the relationship deteriorate further. Here are some common myths about a flagging libido busted, which can help overcome the problem –

With women, it is hormones that determine sexual desire – Hormones are not the only determinant of sexual desire in a woman – there is physical and mental health, stress, issues relating to self esteem and body image, and other factors at play.

Her overall satisfaction and perception of her relationship, the feelings she has for her partner and so on also has strong bearing on her libido.

So for a woman who is experiencing low sex drive, before rushing to get medical treatment, examine the relationship that she has not only with a partner but also with herself.

If there is emotional intimacy good sex follows automatically – Not so; emotional intimacy is no guarantee for success between the sheets. Consider this – best friends are not necessarily best lovers, the two can be quite separate. It is important for a person to feel desirable and sexy, and good emotional boding will not necessarily engender these feelings. Consider what makes a person feel young, sexy and desirable and then work towards that end.

If one wants sex but the partner doesn’t, love can be expressed in other ways – When one desires but doesn’t get sex in a relationship and is still expected to be accepting, and monogamous, and not complain, this could be a bit much to ask. This can lead to discord and can contribute to infidelity. It is important for couples to take care of each other’s needs whatever they may be, to the best of their ability.

Emotional problems should be sorted out before sexual problems – According to many experts, sex is the window to a relationship, it can be an symptom, an indication of deeper problems; both often going hand in hand. So increasingly there is the view that marital therapy should, necessarily include sexual therapy as well, it could help to sort out other problems such as anger, lack of communication, resentment and so on.



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