Men Commit Faster than Women, says Survey

If you thought that it was men who were chary of commitment, then a new survey conducted by an online dating service is saying otherwise.

men commit faster is the largest online dating serviceand a survey conducted by the website involving more than 5000 individuals between the ages of 21 and 65, revealed unexpected and atypical results; that men are likelier than women to commit.

It was also found that men are the ones looking for love and a happily ever after rather than just a roll in the hay.

While the gender inequality in terms of economic patterns is constantly seen to be narrowing, what is also narrowing now is a difference in attitudes, according to Dr. Helen Fisher, cultural anthropologist.

Men are now obviously adopting increasinglyfemale attitudes whereas women are becoming more masculine in theirs. So now we have men who are more willing to commit, more eager to get married and also more keen to father children.

One of the reasons that this change is attributed to is increasing financial independence of women. The archetypal boys’ night out is more of a waning trend than a gaggle of girls heading out for a night out on town as well.



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