Mature dating made my dream come true

I grew up in a very educated family. My father was a professor at a University, and my mother owed a book-store.

So, from the very beginning I was taught to appreciate knowledge and study a lot. By my 25 I acquired two professions and worked as a teacher at a school.

My strong point is humanist, and I try to learn a new language every two years.

One day I watched a program about Italy on TV. I loved one of the streets there. It was a narrow street with a stone road, windows were filled with potted plants, people were walking by smiling to each other.

It was my paradise and I had to get there. But how could I, when I had lessons every day, a small salary and a fear to leave my parents without my support.

I was living my life, dreaming about that place for years. I even forgot to have hoped to get there. But one day my student made a report about Italy and showed a picture of the street to his class. At that very moment I understood that my life was senseless if I couldn’t make my biggest dream come true.

I decided to enter a mature dating site to find someone who could advice me when it’s best to get there and even take me there one romantic evening. Here I found a great man who lived near the street, and what is best, we are very alike. On my vacation I went to Italy and that very evening Paulo and I were walking down this magical street sharing our thoughts. I felt like I was over the moon and I wish to leave these memories for good.



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