Love and Relationships In Present World

Love And RelationshipLove And Relationship – Meaning

Since some people are in open relationships while others are in long-lasting relationships, love and relationships can have different meanings.

When two people are in love they often struggling together, loving together, and existing together in their life, while continuing their journey in love.

When A Person Is Looking For Lover

Most often, when a person is looking for a mate, they often look for compatible traits in another person thinking that the compatibility means a long a long lasting relationship. On the other hand some people do not concern them self with compatibility as they feel opposite attracts often make a long lasting relationship.

Still, few people as they doesn’t want to be alone, they get into relationships, while others are in relationships to fill their desires. In spite of the type of relationship and the reason of the relationship work on both parts is required to make it work.


Relationships are two people working through hard times; good times, and throughout their lifetime, working together to keep sparks in their life. Previously man was considered as the breadwinner, but in the present world women are expected to work two jobs, including taking care of the home to make ends meet.

Problems in Love And Relationship

Present Circumstances

Today, because of financial difficulty, adultery and other problems that separate the two, more divorces are on the rise. Due to the changes in the economy, social, class, gender, ethnics, and so forth, more people today are less suitable to work through the difficulty times than in preceding years.

Changed Position

Women nowadays are expected to do more, since the women’s liberation movement, thus nowadays many women are giving back to those men what was giving to them. Nowadays the good men are left standing, finding it difficult since they have to adjust to a new lifestyle.

The right for women has extended such an extent that women are now working on highways, drilling sidewalks, building and constructing houses, businesses and so forth.

The changes have brought on drastic measures for most. Thus relationships these days are not as they were when women were at home taking care of the children and preparing meals for husbands coming home from work.

In brief, the barefoot, pregnant and staying in the kitchen days for women are over, thus more men and women in the present world are struggling harder than ever to survive and much less make a relationship work.


Children nowadays are bringing on overloads of stress to many parents, thus later one or the other decides it is time to leave. Uncontrollable children due to changes in the law are also making it difficult for couples to stay together.

However, the breakups causes additional problems, as studies have shown that single homes or children without both parents as a way to cope with the missing element in the home struggle or else turn to offense.

Because love and relationships will never become as it was in past, something is needed to help families stay together. Other types of relationships exist nowadays that never existed or else it was a secret relationship in the past.

In the present days, men are marrying men, women are marrying women, and children are adopted in some of these love and relationships, thus again new policies are needed to adapt to the changes in love and relationships.

Agape’ Love And Love

Nowadays, Love is dryness for the most part, because Agape’ love and love are two different meanings. Rather, Agape’ love is a form of pornographic style of love, while love is unconditional.

Each day we exist we see more agape’ love than love, thus this is part of the reason that divorces and breakups occur. Marriage is standing until one or the other commits adultery or until death occurs, when two people join in marriage, but nowadays the law makes it possible to get a divorce on nearly any grounds.

Most of the people in their relationships base their love on sex, thus again the relationship will fail over time, regardless, since not much effort is put into the relationship to make it last through thick and thin, or for better or worse.

Finally, love and relationships are complicated to understand, since first you have to learn the meaning of love to have a long-lasting relationship.



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