Love and Relationship – Role Of Commitment

Commitment In RelationshipCommitment

Commitment is a promise. Since love and relationship is built on commitment, being capable of committing one self is required. Commitment requires the capability to sustain the promises made to another individual.

Commitment In Marriage

The wedding vows at one time committed two in matrimony, thus committing them to love one another through sickness and health, better or worse, thick and thin, and until death ended their love.

When a person commits to another, they are targeting the person’s mentality and emotions when failure occurs, since commitment is a consignment to a disciplinary or mental institution.

Therefore, commitment is the element that initiates the arrangement for joining in marriage or relationships outside of marriage, or even in friendship.

Once the person’s fall together whether words are crossed, the parties are saying by their actions, “I commit myself to you.” A level of commitment exists even though friendships differ than marriages or intimate relationships.

Reasons For Breakdown Of Commitment

We can find obvious commitments in case of marriage; however, when one or the other fails to adhere to their promise to love until death does them apart, failures occur. Often, lack of trust, disrespect of one or the other, and lack of communication will breakdown a relationship, or commitment.


Looking at examples could help you to see failure in different types of relationships and help you to appreciate the elements required to make a relationship work. One example of a surefire failing relationship is visual in the following illustration.

Two join in a relationship. The man has a disturbing background. The woman had a disturbing past, consisting of abuse, neglect and degradation. However, the brutality of the woman’s past far succeeds the man.

When they meet, they two share emptiness inside, with one considering lust and desire while the other is considering love. The man desires her and they join in intimacy because she is beautiful in physical form.

The woman is looking for love, however she finds the man unappealing, yet handy since she feels he can help her escape a nasty relationship in existence. Thus, together they join and later marry since a child is born.

The woman disregards the man since he is obviously an alcoholic, but she fails to see that he also sells and administers drugs. The woman is naive to drug addicts and seller, thus she continues seeing the man on occasions until the baby is born and finally the two take of residence together.

Finally, marriage is required since the two join a religious group that insists on marriage rather than relationships outside of marriage. The woman thinks, “I will marry this monster,” as she rushes out of her workplace to join her mate in marriage.

She stops at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Vodka and rushes home to dress. The two are marrying at the Justice of Peace, and her mind is in a whirl, when she arrives.

The night of their marriage she becomes angry and storms out of the room as the man is too drunk to join her in their honeymoon. She ponders on annulment, seeking out advice from her friends for the next six months. The marriage continues.

The woman comes to terms that she will do her up most to make the relationship work. Eventually, she develops a natural love for her husband and works effortless to please him and make the relationship last with him dumping the family and drinking every day.

Eventually, the woman finds that he is selling drugs, administering drugs and seeking prostitution. She makes a decision she had enough and applies for a divorce, even when doubt lingers in her mind.

The two finally divorce after the man abuses her for applying for a divorce. Eventually, they two never see each other again. Now, the man loved her. He loved the way she looked, how she performed in the bedroom and how her behaviors worked to make their marriage stand for more than three years.

The woman had shown patience and long-suffering, however there was lack of commitment in their relationship. Therefore, we can see that the relationship was a surefire failure due to lack of communication, commitment, long-suffering, respect, thrust, loyalty, faithfulness, and so on, thus.



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