Love And Relationship Problems

Love And Relationship ProblemsLove and relationships problems are more than the fun and loving times in today’s relationships. In the present days, people are struggling harder to love and work and struggling less to maintain a loving relationship.


The almighty money has taking over the world and love is moving further back. Thus, common problems today often break up relationships over time. The almighty money with highest superiority has taking over the world and everyone is working overtime to get a peace of the great pie.

Earlier man was only breadwinner, but in the present world men and women have to work hard to bread home the bacon.

Other Love And Relationship Problems

Where as the financial problems has set the issues of love and relationship to lowest priority and the other problems caused the love and relationship to fail.

The media is continuously narrating stories and case studies of love and relationships failing and pornography, violence, and inappropriate materials are the ultimate predator that destroyed the love and relationships.

It can only lead to harm, when people join in illicit behaviors, viewing, activities, et cetera. While there are women in the world that will engage in inappropriate relationships, viewing, et cetera with their mate, they are only sitting them self up for lose and harm, since the burning need to feel love will never find fulfillment.

Pornography And Violence

Pornography and violence has proven over the years to cause harm, and to lead people into destruction. The actions carried out by these types of people include, child molestation, rape, murder, violence, et cetera.

Mind was created to fulfill humanity but was not created to store harmful content. Couples were created to fulfill each other’s needs and desires, but to work toward a goal. Thus acting out on lust is an ungodly devotion. Often people are executing the demands of evil formality, thus love is non-existing.


Love exists through all types of weathers. When two people have the tools to make love grow the two will often work out differences together. Wives are wise to allow their conduct to speak aloud, while showing manacles while speaking with their mate.

Sure, men can do things that make their spouse mad enough to scream. But this screaming will make the matter even worse and this ultimately results in the pushing the love towards the back.

In other words, love speaks for itself and letting conduct to impose the relationship toward a positive direction can only make room for thinking. Men are thinkers. From of old, men were taught to suppress their emotions.

Men were also taught that they were the men and it is their responsibility to be the man of the house, while the women took care of the home. It has been proven that this traditional thinking is more productive than the reversed roles today.

Even now, the man is to love his wife as he loves him self. Therefore, if a man is showing you that he has no loved for him self, how can you expect him to love another person?

If a man is with wandering eyes, or participating, or reading inappropriate materials, or viewing inappropriate shows, then these things are only saying to you that, I disrespect you as a woman, as a human, and my desires come before your needs.

Therefore, a good man will not indulge in activities or entertainment that feeds harmful contaminates into the mind that will produce negative thinking and behavior patterns.

Instead a good man will move the hurdles causing problems, or hurdles that potential lead to harm out of the way. In the same way, a good woman will not indulge in such behaviors or activities and will work hard to make her relationship work.

Joining In Love For Wrong Reason

Nowadays people are joining in love for wrong reason, which is also one of the common love and relationship problems. It is out of desire, emotions, and impulses for which people are joining in love, which are often end the relationship on bad grounds later.



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