Learning to Talk to your Partner One Step at a Time

A relationship between two people should be special, something that makes you happy and feel on top of the world. Struggles, however, are a part of every healthy relationship. They will pop up every now and then, but sometimes this can be enough to drive people apart. It’s important to be open with your partner, not matter how hard it is, as it keeps them in the loop and aids in the healing of old wounds. Below are the basic steps you must follow to get your relationship back on the right track.

Learning to Talk to your Partner One Step at a Time

Step 1: Acknowledge Issues

We live in a world full of ignorance, but you must try to acknowledge and understand the issues raised by your partner. If they are honest enough to tell you about these issues then you’ve no reason to become angered or upset. Many of us will refuse to see we’re doing anything wrong, but forget to trust in their partner. If they tell you something is wrong, then it is and you need to work on it.

Step 2: Pinpoint Biggest Issues

It’s important to remain calm when talking about issues with your other half, don’t let anger fuel your conversation. You and your partner can come up with a traffic light system for various problems or issues they/you are having. Green is something to think about, amber is something that needs to happen (but not instantly) and red is something that needs to immediately change.


Step 3: Work On One Issue At A Time

You can’t solve all issues at once, as much of the time these issues are based on particular behaviours from that person they have adopted over the years. Work on the red issues first, one at a time, then move onto the amber and green ones. Once one issue is resolved, you can move onto the next. No matter how long your list is, you must remain patient and work at it bit by bit.

Step 4: Patience

This is absolutely vital to these talks and any changes happening, nothing will happen overnight. You have to give that person credit for trying to change, even if the issue is still somewhat there. Try to remember that this is a long term thing, if you cannot be patient enough then you run the risk of a horrible argument or even break up. Baby steps are needed with sensitive subjects, even a small step in the right direction is better than going nowhere.

Step 5: Rinse And Repeat

There will always be small issues or niggles in your relationship, it’s just something we all have to go through when we’re in love. If you start having extra issues then you need to go through these steps again, sitting down and discussing what is wrong and correcting it where possible. If talking at home doesn’t help, then you may need to start thinking about talking to a professional psychotherapist in your area.



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