Internet Relationships: Why They Can Be Destructive?

internet relationship1While the internet is a way to form the most precious and lasting relationships, there are many dangers that lurk there, which parents need to protect their children against and which adults need to beware of as well:

They can be misleading: In a face to face relationship, communication extends beyond words, to facial expressions, body language, cadence of speech and hand gestures whereas an internet relationship does not offer these additional communicational cues to us.

Words spoken can be misinterpreted, misunderstood or may be deliberately misleading. Emotional infidelity is almost impossible to spot but can be as heartbreaking as in a face to face relationship.

They can be abusive: In an internet relationship it is possible to lie about anything: age, gender, physical appearance, geographical location, anything basically. This makes it easy for sexual predators and perverts and deviants to attain relationships of trust which can end up people getting hurt and in the case of children resulting in a life altering trauma.

The innocent and the young are at particular risk from the sort of relationships that form on the internet. And even those not so susceptible in age may face problems like addiction, encounter heart break and untold misery from relationships gone wrong.

So while the internet has a host of possibilities to form enriching relationships, the possible pitfalls are many and very pernicious!



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