Internet Relationships: Why They Are So Appealing?

internet relationshipYou can now form a myriad of relationships on the internet with people whom you would otherwise have had no hope of speaking to much less form a bond.

You can form friendships on the internet, indulge in virtual dating, form emotionally dependent relationships, and even engage in an internet based extra marital affair. There are many reasons that internet relationships are so appealing:

The anonymity offered by the internet makes shy people act boldly and the bold become positively uninhibited.  Because of this anonymity people say and do things that would otherwise not do; this is what researchers call the “disinhibition effect.” For the shy and inhibited this could provide a valuable starting point in letting a person get to know them.

The secrecy that internet relationships offer make them attractive in that people feel confident in conducting clandestine relationships right in their own homes and offices without anyone being the least bit wiser of it. Also people are able to disown their words or actions to an extent because they don’t feel the need to be as responsible about them.

Since the internet relationships don’t have the immediacy of face to face relationships people are able to rehearse what they want to say and are able to say as much or as little as they want.



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