8 Tips for How to Make a Relationship Better

Sometimes you can know how to make a relationship better instinctively. But sometimes you can wonder what you should do to either improve things or simply lift a relationship out of a rut that it seems to have fallen into.

Here are some pointers that just could help you reignite your relationship.

1. Do new things together

One of the ways for how to make a relationship better can be trying new experiences together. Learn a new sport together, start a new hobby together, go hiking or trekking together.

how to make a relationship better

Go visit new places and discover places together. This offers a change from the boring and the everyday and could help you rediscover your partner as well.

2. Don’t keep secrets

No matter how inconsequential they are, don’t keep secrets. Your partner can feel hurt if they find out later and this can create a trust deficit.

3. Show them that they are important to you

To know how to make a relationship better you also need to show the person how precious they are to you.

You could send them loving texts, leave them humorous notes, send them eCards for no reason, carry their photo in your wallet or have their photo on your desk or desktop.

4. Make love

Make love; don’t just have sex. This means really getting intimate in every sense of the word and not just the physical. It means not just going through the motions.

5. Don’t manipulate

There is something sneaky and dishonest about manipulation and if the person is really important to you then you owe them more. And if you are manipulative, you are ultimately going to create resentment and erosion of respect.

6. Forgive

One of the key aspects of how to make a relationship better is not to bear grudges. A relationship cannot be about keeping score. You need to try and forgive if you can find it in your heart to do so. And really forgive and forget – don’t use it as leverage later!

7. Support each other

Present a united front when there are problems. Support each other through good times and bad; be there for them when they have problems.

8. Try therapy

Sometimes the best of us may need some help for how to make a relationship better. If things don’t seem to be getting better, try therapy. There is no shame in this – and surely your relationship is worth fighting for?



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