How To Know That The Man You Plan To Marry Is ‘The One’?

Being in the throes of love can make a person rather blind to the things that matter in the long term in a relationship and one may end up making the wrong selection, heading to the altar. If you are looking to walk down the aisle and into the arms of the man of your dreams, remember to ask yourself this handy check list of the following questions –

plan to marryIs he honest? And this honesty should apply to all areas of life, not just his dealing with you.

Tact is one thing but if he seems to lie about things, appears to have secrets from you and is prone to exaggeration, then you have to ask yourself if you can live with this trait of his. Remember basic principles in life require matching if you plan to live a life together.

Does he back you up? If he had to pick between pacifying a relative and supporting you in a stand you correctly make, what would he do? If his views differ from yours, does he give you a patient hearing and concede your point when he rightly should. You and he should be able to present a united front whenever called upon to do so.

Does he share your interests? What is your idea of fun, and does he share it? Whether it’s watching weepy mushy movies that you like or bungee jumping off a cliff that you like doing for fun, it is great if you can share it with the most important person in your life.

Spending quality time together is an essential factor in any marriage, so make sure that it is possible now and in the future as well.

Is he hardworking? Whether it is ambition at work or pulling his weight in the home; he should be willing to work as hard as you. If he expects you to pick up after him, you will resent it, even if you think it to be ok right now.

Does he have a violent streak? He may be all sweetness and flowers to you right now, but does he show signs of sadism or violence in his dealings with others? Do you get a hint of what lies beneath? If so do not ignore it; this could be a character flaw you may find impossible to live with later on.

Does he love you unconditionally? Does he love you because he finds you attractive looking, because you have a great job or similar? Make sure that he loves the entire package not just bits of it; because otherwise you may rue this later.



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