How To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship?

intimacyI am sure we all are aware that it is very important to keep intimacy alive between two partners.

Both the partners must know this, and strive towards building up and maintaining intimacy in their various acts through the day, be it for the partner, or for their own selves.

As one husband in a successful marriage out it, “Intimacy is the very substance that allows a marriage to survive, and intimacy is the thing that allows two people in a relationship to enjoy each other to the maximum level possible…” If intimacy is so important, why then do too many people give it up when they are together with each other over a prolonged period of time?

If you want to improve your relationship and bring in that lost spark into your life again, here’s how:

  • As far as possible, try to remain best friends through the relationship; imagine having a best friend you can talk to any time you want, and enjoy the same best friend in bed when you want to! This can be the best of both worlds for you!
  • As far as possible, try to maintain that sense of humor about yourselves. The ability to laugh at one is a rare one, and if you possess it, then by no means let go of it. Humor will get you through any kind of situation with flying colors.
  • Be as demonstrative as you can, without crossing the boundaries of acceptable decency when you are outside your home. It is a proven fact that couples who touch each other often and regularly are much closer to each other than others who hardly touch. Remember, from time immemorial, touching is one of the best forms of intimacy in human beings.
  • Try to remain open about new ideas and new experiences, especially if your partner believes in them and you don’t. Change your mindset; you will reap the benefits through a dramatic improvement in your relationship.
  • Remain trustworthy and maintain your word, no matter what. Building up trust is very important for intimacy in a relationship, and maintaining it is even more important. Never give your partner a single chance to doubt your word, or your loyalty or devotion to him or her.

A couple which believes in intimacy will go a long way towards building up a completely productive and long lasting relationship.

What are you waiting for? Start right now! All the best!



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