How To Avoid Fighting In A Relationship?

As everyone is different, it is inevitable that disagreements will arise.

Especially around sensitive issues, it is not always possible to avoid flare-ups, but try to avoid fighting as much as possible to keep a sense of harmony intact.

Always try to avoid petty grievances, be fair and examine the causes before venting your frustration.

Try these simple measures to avoid fighting and make your relationship more harmonious:

  1. Control your emotions: Emotions are the cause of most volatile arguments. Though it is difficult, try to control your emotions. The more you practice this, the stronger your relationship will become.
  2. Don’t let your anger burst: Choose an appropriate time to resolve issues that bother you. Never burst out with anger in front of others without thinking about your actions. Control your anger and talk to the other party when his/her mood is good.
  3. Acknowledge your anger to the other person: If you are not able to control your anger, let the other person know that you are angry and will talk to him when you are feeling calmer. By doing this, you can engage in constructive conversation and avoid fighting.
  4. Walk away: It is better to walk away from the place rather than indulging in a tough fight. You can clear your issues when you are free from your negative emotions and create a soothing, harmonious relationship.
  5. Apologize: Compassion is one of the most humane ways to avoid fighting. Don’t attach blame and stop trying to work out who is right or wrong. Apologize for any irrational criticisms you have uttered. This also helps the other person realize their own mistakes.


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