How Fast Is Too Fast To Move In That New Relationship?

relationshipThere are two types of people in this world; the type that is very thoughtful and researches everything and never jumps into any situation without knowing 100 ways to get out of it, all of the possible repercussions and 100 benefits to it.

There is also the kind of person who is impulsive and spontaneous and thinks ‘why not?’ instead of ‘why’.

For those of us who are impulsive and spontaneous dating and relationships can be a challenge. And by a challenge I mean if things don’t move quickly enough we question if this is the relationship for us and if things are passionate enough.

Depending on how old you are sort of reflects on the appropriateness of the situation. It is a bit easier to justify ‘moving quickly’ when you are in your 30s and have been dating for 15 years versus moving quickly when you are 22 and just graduated college.

For those of us who have been dating since our teens and find ourselves in a healthy relationship later in life it can be so exciting and so rewarding.

To know that we waited all those years and held out through all those relationships to find ‘the one’ and that it really can happen can be a very euphoric experience.

You will, of course, hear stories of people who were married 3 months after their first date. You will also hear of these couples being married for 30 years and these couples divorcing after 9 months.

It all depends on your situation but if you feel like you have never felt before and if you are one of those impulsive and spontaneous people it only seems natural to move things along very quickly.

The main piece to consider is do you know everything about this person. There are web sites that are linked to courts throughout the country in which you can check most of their background to see if they have any criminal allegations.

Make sure you have observed your mate in different situations such as public, private, traveling with them, and with your friends and family as well as with their friends and family.

Seeing your loved one and potential soul mate in all these different situations will give you an insight into how they treat people as well as if they are the same person all the time.



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