Having More Sex Could Help Men Live Longer

Recent research has shown that having a regular and healthy sex life could increase longevity in men. There is a caveat though – this benefit will accrue as long as the men remain faithful to their partners.

men live longerHaving a healthy sex life means that the risk of cardiovascular problems is lower, according to medical researchers in Italy.

According to Emmanuele Jannini, research coordinator, men who were faithful to their partners and who had an active sex life, were seen to have fewer cardiovascular problems and were hence seen to live longer.

Those who have more sex produce more testosterone – this improves function of the cardiovascular system and the metabolism and also decreases the risk of having depression. On the other hand, poor sex could lead to depression which is also known to impact life expectancy.

Having frequent sex is also good for men in another way – the excess sugar in the body is burnt off and this reduces the risk of heart diseases.

As to why this benefit was more in the case of men who were faithful, the explanation is this: if men were unfaithful, they would be more likely to suffer stress as a result of their infidelity, which would lower cardiovascular performance.



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