Have You Decided Finally To Turn Your Friend Into A Lover?

Friend into loverWhen two persons are in strong relationship, whether it can be a friendship or any other bond of association, it is very necessary for them to share an assured level of compatibility, which extends throughout their lives.

In addition to get along as lovers, they must be necessarily good friends to share both their joys as well as sorrows.

This will make them to be in same wave length both mentally and emotionally.

So, friends who are much closer to each other tend to have such kind of emotional and also mental connection as well.

This is the reason why friendship is given such a great importance in our lives and it also shares first place in everyone’s heart.

If you feel that your friend to whom you are much closer must become your lover, you should follow certain tips and guidelines which can help in turning your friend into a lover.

Remind them about their likes and dislikes!

If you have any female friend who had hinted you in the past about what she likes in you, such as any physical or emotional characteristics which you possess, then learn to highlight those particular features, but remember not to go extreme.

Always remember that when you were friends, your approach towards her doesn’t matter. But, when it comes to love, it is very essential for you to present yourself in such a way that it makes her to notice you and your feeling of love towards her.

Try to create the ambience!

Instead of going to usual hangouts such as movie or any coffee shop, try to change the venue or spot of your hangout to more private and even more romantic location. So that, your friend can recognize the change in your attitude towards her/him.

As this person is already your friend, so he/she would obviously know your attitude, how you would behave with someone on whom you will have such a feeling of love.

Try to change the way you talk and also your body language!

Most of the couples, when they are friends, tend to talk about every thing, from common interests to each other’s interests in love. When you want your friend to relate to you in a more intimate level, then you can try flirting in words.

Your body language is one of your most powerful tools to hint the other person about your feelings. The body language that is shared between two friends will actually differ from lovers. So, try to change the way you touch your friend. If he/she has even half a brain, he/she can easily catch the hint.

But, always remember, try to be in your limits and never behave in a way which can spoil your friendship and cause any feeling of hurt or distress to your friend. Never try to compel your friend to love you forcefully.

Don’t get depressed if he/she rejects your love and try to keep faith in your love and remember that true love never fails!



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