Few Signs Of Relationship Going Bad

Simple fights are quite common in a relationship.

You have to overcome silly fights in order to maintain the relationship in an effective way.

It becomes much harder to manage the relationship if there are any signs of going bad.

There may be many reasons but you can manage them efficiently.

  1. Your partner starts fighting for silly reasons. Picking fights occasionally will not affect the relationship but if it goes beyond then the problem arises.
  2. Your partner sends most of the time with his/her friends rather than spending time with you. He/she keeps himself/herself busy all the time and shows least interest in you.
  3. Your partner stops sharing his/her feelings with you and gets habituated of keeping things secret. This causes lot of differences in a relationship.

You should believe your partner. If you don’t have the confidence and belief in your partner, then issues of guilt and doubt arises, which may lead even to the breakup of the relationship.

People around you will start pointing out whether everything is going good or not because the mood keeps fluctuating when things are going bad and you cannot concentrate on any issues related to your work or in your personal life.



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