False Love and Relationships

If you are searching for love and relationships, the World Wide Net, bars, and other unsafe areas are not the location to search.

Some people are present at Church eager to find their companion, but even churches pose threats, since true worship is un-existing.

Thus, when penetrating for love and association take the wise word of caution, and pay attention to the voices of the past that tell you, love will approach when you are least expecting it to appear. Thus, you do not look for love; but if you allow room for it to arrive, love will come to you.

The love and relationships that expect to love their partner as they would love them self, by respecting the partner are good relationships that last.

Bad relationships are based on “You trust me, but I make a decision if I will trust you.” By means of bad relationships, selfishness composes, because one or both parties are out for gain, rather than to give and share.

Impact of Good and Bad Relationships

Because of good or bad relationships, different relationships in the world boil down. When two people participate in intimate relations, in order to make the relationship work, both parties must labor hard.

A bad relationship will make use of tools considering that the mechanisms will continue the spice in his or her life when they feel exhausted of the mate. In other words, a bad relationship focuses on sexual gratification, which never occurs, since he or she tires out quickly.

The person may hold in pornographic reading or viewing, promiscuous relationships, violence, and so forth to gratify the desire.

In the place of true love, these types of relationship are built on sexual interest. As the relationship develops the mate considering that good intentions were intended at the beginning often find out when it is too late the relationship is heading down a dead end road, with only one partner working.

The love given by these people are superficial love that focuses on gain. Desire is the seated root of their intention and thus, they will require the elements that make love work.

Few egotistical types change eventually, while others become more violent and seek harder to satisfy their desires. The ultimate desire of these people is to please self, while taking what they can get from others and at the same time influencing others into believing they are good souls.

Selfishness is the sign of Bad Relationship

Selfishness is an egotism state of mind where the person feels that some owes him/her something. Infrequently do they consider what they owe; rather they believe that the world is forever in debt to him or her. When a person feels the world owes them, they often short of consideration, respect, loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment.

The egotistic minds often-base relationships with family, friends and mate on what can I get from you. At the beginning of a bad relationship, the joining mate with self-centered thinking will lead the mate on, making him or her believe good intentions come with the partner.

In other words, the person leads the mate to believe that he or she has the best interest of the partner and of the relationship in mind. Often this type of relationship will proceed fast, because the partner with egotistical thinking strives to avert the other mate from noticing the real intentions.

Loneliness leads to Bad Relationships

Bad relationships are neglecting, failure directed, and sometimes insulting. If you are in a relationship and your partner is out for self-gain, thus take warning now, since in most cases failure is the path you will walk. Some self-seeking souls may turn violent, or often abandon their mate.

The partner will disrespect, and place ongoing doubt in the mind of the partner, until a breakdown occurs, and sometimes the breakdown is by emotion. Loneliness is one of the key tools that land hungry souls in bad relationships.

Relationships are either built out of stone, or else built on sand, which later falls beneath the broken hearts in the world, and the pattern goes on.

When a relationship is rooted in stone the foundation often stands, since love, trust, honesty, communication and other elements that constitute a relationship continues all through the terms of the commitment. On the other hand, the relationships built on sand lack the elements required to make love grow and the relationships stand.



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