Do Long Distance Relationships Really Work? Here Are Some Tips For Surviving!

Surviving Lond Distance RelationshipsHave you ever faced long distance relationships?

Frankly speaking, long distance relationships are never easy, but they are not impossible also.

Most of the people have been held up with the idea of physical proximity in relationships.

When you encounter any individual who says “I’m in a long distance relationship”, your face will become dark-shaded and there is a chance for you to tell the words like “get out know, it won’t work!”.

Regarding long distance relationships:

The biggest dilemma that long distances relationships face is due to the negative response of “it does not work”. Recent days, most of the people don not believe in the words like “true love” and “soulmates”.

This is due to all-embracing scenarios like divorce, affairs and remarriage. The belief about “forever and for always” just seem to have gone. These lines are coming into fairy telltale books that people are only reading but no longer following.

There is no need to bother for the people who are in long distance relationships. Take gentle breath and smile, because “it DOES work! People who have been in long distance relationships and now living together had prove that these are working and also worth.

But, long distance relationships are not working for everybody. It takes something really strong and special to the longing, the missing, the distance, the anxiousness of being together, the frustration of not being together and a lot of other things that would add on to the pressure of being apart.

Nevertheless, long distance relationships are NOT impracticable, as they say if there is a will, especially “where there love, there is always a way.

Surviving long distance relationships:

You need to choose who to love and who not to love. The thing you need to do is find a person with whom you can share your life, care for, and have that growing love through the years. When you get that person, in fact the distance won’t matter.

Purely speaking, distance is simply the difference between kilometers and miles, ocean and mountains, roads and bridges. But, you can always travel, cross and reach them.

With advance technologies, long distance relationships can be managed. You can have easy and practical ways of communication like internet chats, emails, video cams and more.

Frankly speaking, nothing can substitute the presence of the person, but these means make long distance relationships little easier to bear.

Want to know, how a person survives long distance relationships? Trust and honesty are the two words which plays great part in your relationship.

When your relationship comprises these two words, it serves as the foundation to make your long distance relationship successful. Without these the relationship is bound to be ruined.

The lack of anything will cause the relationship to break. Along with these, you need to consider some other facts to make the long distance relationship successful. They include:

Almost share everything with each other as possible:

If both of you are aware of the events that happening in each others lives or making new friends with people in your personal life is a great way to maintain your relationship healthy and alive.

Don’t forget that long distance relationships do not mean no longer sharing things that your partner can’t see or literally know about it. You may also not share the things that think as unimportant to him. Actually these things will make you both feel satisfied and protected.

Importance is given to how many times you stay in touch within a week. Maintaining a loving and stronger bond in long distance relationships, requires hearing from one another frequently.

Accept and put down a set of expectations and rules:

The importance is given to know how much commitment the both of you is willing to set into the relationship, and amount of faithfulness one would be ready to offer and accept.

Once the romantic relationship exists, it clears the air of worries, concerns and doubts. Then only one will prefer dating with other people. It is hard to allow future mistakes by being apart and misunderstandings get the better of your relationship.

Don’t feel scared about telling your need and wants to your partner. You must have the opportunity of speaking from your heart and in the same way your partner deserves to know the truth and decide if they can provide it.

Plan for a meet to see each other occasionally:

Planning for a meeting will play a big part in preserving eagerness in your relationship. You both will feel very much satisfied by being able to touch each other and see each other and also this is very important for your relationship.

Meeting gives a chance to both of you to get closer to and share each other’s life in the flesh. You can also share personal and physical activities together to fulfill and meet both living needs.

Not getting closer and coming together will greatly injure the long distance relationship one has. It is also a big matter to think about if neither of you is not ready to visit the other from time-to-time.

Long distance relationships only work when you both are very much eager to be together.

Have a light at the end of the tunnel:

By knowing when all the waiting will stop and both of you would be together for good, will balance the frustration of being apart in long distance relationships.

Always, it is good to talk about and agree on who is going to relocate and when. This takes the pressure off the subject and puts some sort of deadline for the long-term togetherness.

Lack of imagination about when the things will be normal for the both of you is not lead to success in your relationship. Imagination is nothing but believing in something yet knowing it is not there.

The best way is to set an aim to when the whole wait comes to a close and the together-forever begins. You need to work for the realization of that aim.

Maintain the romance alive:

Being physically romantic towards each other may not possible for the both of you. But, you both can still do the romantic acts for each other that will maintain happiness in the romance department.

Surviving Long Distance RelationshipsYou can maintain it by sending love poems and letters, or sending gifs and flowers or even sending a self-video with a message of love.

This will help you in reminding the times that you spend with each other and love one another.

The waiting time:

The most difficult thing for individuals who are in love and in a relationship, especially long distance relationships is waiting time to be together. It leads to frustration, impatience, depression and finally the feeling of giving up.

Yet, you should always look at the brighter side of things. It is hard to bear the waiting time, but you can also make it as wonderful learning experience period.

Always think is as a way for strengthening your relationship. Being away from your partner can make you feel and remember how much it can be hurting to be apart and how much your partner means so much to you, so that when you come together, you never take each other presence for granted.

You have observed a lot of failures of usual relationships. This is because, when couples who have been together for some time might not realize the true meaning of togetherness in their relationship and also lose the significance.

They are very much confident about their love and proudly say that the love will continue to flourish without taking continuous care of it, thus taking the others presence and love for granted. Unhappiness is the result of failure in relationships.

Hence for those people in long distance relationships, never consider the waiting time as an obstacle, instead they take it as a motivation and inspiration. After that your relationship will work because you have acquired a true experience of what togetherness really means.

Long distance relationship – A big decision for making

Nobody likes to be with their partner in another place over a great careen in their own location? There are many long distance relationship couples have made big decisions about their life, mostly the other giving up something and the other compromising to make it happen.

At some point in everyone’s life needs to make a big decision in order to determine their happiness and to make a big decision in the name of long distance relationships.

The fact is, it is not easy to maintain the long distance relationships, because of great span of space in between them. Try to face it and it is not always uncomplicated to leave ones life behind to join your partner.

The most important part of the long distance relationships is talking about and balancing each others advantage and disadvantages on big decisions such as relocations. This will also decide a large part of your relationship success when you are together.

However, if both of you really love and care for each other will lead to a full understanding and compromise about big decisions in your relationships.

You will also learn to look away from your personal give ups and notice the beauty of the love these give ups have built around your long distance relationships.

Your relationships will become stronger and powerful and at last you found one important aspect in your life i.e. a partner for life.

Long distance relationship – One should keep or continue

The answer for this question depends on how happy and how strongly the long distance relationship means to you. A relationship is nothing but being happy. One should keep or continue a long distance relationship becomes an unavoidable subject that critically needs an answer.

For this situation there are three possible options: first one is you both can continue remaining faithful to each other, the second is you both can decide to see other people and observe what happens, the last is you can go in your own ways and call it “quits”.

Whatever option you choose, completely depends on what will work best for both and not just one. Finally this condition leads to a big question, “Do long distance relationships really work?”

Do long distance relationships really work?

Again I am saying that long distance relationships are not impossible, they are not unworkable and they do work. It is not an easy relationship to be in.

Most couples who are into long distance relationships need to face a really big challenge from being apart and from the “in-betweens” of the relationship distance.

If you decide to be in long distance relationship then be really in it. Don’t give it just one fourth or one half of you, maintain it whole heartedly. Complete it for the right reason and stand your ground. Sacrifices will be needed in that relationship, so be ready for it.

Don’t be discouraged with what people say and think about your relationship. Be ready to face lot of emotional things. Similar to all other relationships, long distance relationships have also its ups and downs. It will survive with the right amount of effort, affection and attention in both sides.

Let each know about your personal life, see each other when there is an opportunity, keep in touch, trust and be honesty with each other at all times. With all these factors your long distance relationship can become one of the most happiest and triumphant relationships that can ever exists.

Finally, what I want to tell is, not only long distance relationships, but also conventional “seeing each other everyday” relationships do not guarantee success. Always it depends on who your take care of each other and handle your relationship.



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