Dealing With Competitiveness Between Siblings

sibling rivalryI have a sister and a brother both of whom I am very close to.

But like every sibling we do experience our fair share of tiffs, confrontations and most recently, competitiveness.

My sister and I are very close in age and being that we are sisters raised by the same parents we also have the same taste. Well, most of the same tastes.

You can imagine when we both became engaged at the same time and had to plan our weddings. Well it turns out they were almost identical down to the desert tray in lieu of the wedding cake and the harpist in lieu of any other form of instrument or music.

My brother is the youngest in our family (I am the oldest) and he settled down before the rest of us; he was married and on his second child before my sister or I were even engaged.

Sibling rivalry can rear its ugly head most definitely. However it is simple enough to squash the powers of the envy or jealousy or rivalry that we feel so strongly between those sibling bonds.

When my sister and I realized we had the same wedding ceremony planned she did not take it well. And, I was hurt that she did not take it well and because she wasn’t as happy for me as I was for her. This led to some tension and a heated conversation but once we ironed everything out we were okay.

It took some time to get our relationship back to normal however. And it was important for us both to realize as in any situation with siblings is that we were raised together and without a doubt have the same interests and the same tastes.

It is only logical and it only makes sense that we have similarities in all facets of our lives. We have the same short, pixie hairstyle. And we have the exact same build.

We have almost the same tastes in music and art. She is a bit more alternative in her dress and I am a bit more conservative (also referred to as boring) in my fashion style.

In the case of my brother and his wife it took some dealing with the issue and understanding that just because things were sort of ‘out of order’ didn’t mean my sister and I had any right to not be extremely happy for him, and that our time would come.

When it comes to sibling rivalry always remember rivalry between siblings is the most common form of rivalry and communication is the best tool to work it out.



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