Dance Moves That Attract Women

Remember Kevin James and his manic moves on the dance floor in the Will Smith starrer Hitch? Well perhaps that is what it takes to attract women on the dance floor according to psychologists. The wind-milling of the arms, the spot running, and the spinning may not be the epitome of grace, but it is this that is attractive to the women, they claim.

dance movesIt may seem like the guy is showing off, but a lot of movement and some fancy footwork is what will make the girls subconsciously desire the man. Subtlety and shuffling on the dance floor will evidently get you nowhere.

Dr Nick Neave, the lead author of the paper at University of Northumbria says there is a parallel to this in the animal kingdom, when the male dances in order to attract the female by indicating his fitness, health and skillfulness.

The fact that your dance moves can indicate creativity, suppleness and strength signals to the woman that this is a good catch.

A flexible torso shows good “core” strength, fitness and good genes. The message being sent out is that of youth, fitness and strength, and such peacock like behavior, such ‘displaying’, does actually work even with human beings!



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