What to do if you have a Controlling Partner

Relationships these days are becoming harder to maintain due to various pgychological and emotional factors. When one of the partners is a controlling and dominating person the situation becomes even worse. If the problem is not dealt in the right away, it will lead to bigger issues and eventually may also lead to the falling apart of the relationship.

So, if you happen to be in a relationship with a controlling partner, you must take right actions to save the relationship and keep it in the right direction. Below given are some tips, which will help you in sustaining the relationship.

what to do if you have a controlling partner

Tips to Deal with a Controlling Partner

Often it is difficult to understand during the initial period of a relationship, as to what kind of problems can be there with a controlling partner. Often it is seen that one partner is not really happy or satisfied with the other partner’s pattern of living, habits, and preferences. Thus they start to interfere, and the problems start. But, in order to avoid this, one can follow some guidelines:

Reason Out Calmly

You need to try and reason with your partner who wishes to control almost every aspect of your life. Reasoning forms the basis of understanding. But do remember to reason with your partner calmly, using logical arguments and not emotional statements.

Logically Bring a Solution

Often, when someone is trying to control your life, you tend to lose your cool and fight. Fighting however, does not help in dealing with an already controlling person. Put your opinion across, and take theirs too, weigh the pros and cons and then work out an amicable solution.

Take Responsibility

Another very important thing is taking responsibility of your action. If you have made a bad decision, own up, but do not let your partner dictate all your actions due to one mistake you have made in the past. Perhaps, examining your early behavior and taking responsibility for the wrong decision will help your partner see your maturity and will stay away from dictating.

Set Limitations

It is very important to set boundaries even for partners in a relationship. But, again do not fight on this since that will complicate the situation. You need to calmly discuss with your partner as to where the boundaries lie or where it should lie. Moreover, do not forget to follow those boundaries yourself when it comes to your partner.

Keep your Identity Strong

Even in a relationship, one must not forget their independent standing and behavior. If you are leaning too much on your partner, then you are providing them with the perfect reason to control your lives.

Do not Let the Control Grow

The controlling behavior does not develop in a day. Hence, when you feel it for the first time, you must confront your partner for that. Do not let them manipulate you in believing that they are doing it out of love. That is a wrong impression, and if they believe in that, reason with them, to show how they are being wrong there.

If all the attempts to deal with a controlling partner fail, leaving you miserable, then probably it is a good idea to do some self evaluation and see if the relationship is throttling your being.


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